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Adventurers face off against opponents mundane and monstrous, their forms twisted by strange magics and cruel experiments. And players must contend with horrifyingly eye-rolling puns in encounters with creatures like the dread “Deer-wolves”

From Gaming Honors comes All Chimeras Great and Small, a 0 or 1st-level Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure for 4-6 players. Inspired by the H.G. Wells classic The Island of Dr. Moreau, this module features 23+ illustrated 8.5×11” black and white pages of full-sized and miniaturized mayhem, all tucked within a full-color cover by Matt Morrow!

The Sweetspring River, lifeblood of the village of Lushfern, has slowed to a trickle. Was it a rockslide somewhere high in the Harrow Hills, or something more nefarious? The answer lies far from the safety of the farmsteads, where strange beasts prowl the woods in search of prey. Courage! The village depends on you!

Stretch Goals!

$2,000: UNLOCKED! If we reach $2,000, we will add TWO additional creature illustrations to the module! With a name like All Chimeras Great and Small, you just know this adventure is packed with critters of all kinds. With your help, we will be able to make sure as many of them are illustrated by our talented artists as possible!

$3,000: If we reach $3,000, all backers will receive VTT tokens with images of the various beasts!  Cry havoc and let loose the chimeras on your computer screens!

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