War of the Cyclops Con Event Registration Starts Sunday!

Get your tickets this Sunday!

Event registration for War of the Cyclops Con (May 6th-7th) starts this Sunday, April 9th, at noon EST. Remember, in order to attend events, you will need a Badge (available now at the Table Top Events website for $3.00.)

All judges who have submitted 2 or more events so far have been given Badges, and can purchase event Early Access tickets right now.

Browse War of the Cyclops Con‘s Events Schedule to buy specific tickets for each event/game you wish to attend. To browse Events, go to the Table Top Events Page, click the drop down menu “Attend” for the “Events Schedule.” This will show you all of the Games/Events being run during the weekend of War of the Cyclops Con, and includes all the important information like date, time, duration, the nature of the game and who is running it, and the number of total slots and available slots.

There are also many useful filters you can click to refine your search, to specify everything from appropriate ages, game track for specific genre or for new players, game system, specific hosts, tournament and playtest games, etc. Using these filters lets you quickly sort through all of what War of the Cyclops Con has to offer.

Although tickets for Events are not on sale just yet — now is the time to get your Badge, and plan your Events using the schedule so you will be ready when Sunday rolls around.

War of the Cyclops Con is coming up fast — May 6-7th 2023! This is Goodman Games’ sixth fully-virtual Cyclops Con, and it promises to be a weekend of online gaming, seminars, shopping, and socializing — at a computer near you! Get your Badge, and plan which Events you want to attend prior to Tickets going on sale this weekend!

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