Marz Press and Two Other New PDF Publishers In Our Online Store!

The PDF store continues to get bigger and better every week!

We’ve got some great new DCC-compatible third party releases in the Online Store today. First up, from Marzio Muscedere and Marz Press is The Shadows About Hope, and adventure for levels 0-2 that can work as a mini-campaign that contains setting-specific extras like a new class, patron, and class conversion for demi-humans. And speaking of demi-humans — Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press has two great sourcebooks in their GLOSS series that switch up the human/demi-human class rules and offer a detailed look at Catfolk, Druids, and Dragonfolk. Finally, Monkeyblood Design & Publishing’s gonzo adventure Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep is now available in a PDF-only format!

Have a look!

The Shadows About Hope – PDF

WARNING – This book is 98 pages of glorious sword and sorcery adventure and gritty location setting guide that will result in many sessions of nonstop adventure!

For the hardened men and women of Fort Hope, life along a dark and brooding forest known as The Shadows is often fraught with peril. For it is an unknown expanse of eon-veiled horror, rife with mystery, adventure, and death.

So, when a warband of subhuman savages descend upon Fort Hope in a wave of blood and slaughter, and make off with the baron’s only daughter, it is up to a brave group of adventurers to steal her back.

Now, somewhere out in The Shadows that surround Fort Hope’s hearts and walls the distant sound of war drums beat into the night, its ominous dirge heralding a forbidden sacrifice and the anticipation of unseen dooms.

An ancient hatred threatens to destroy all Fort Hope know and love, and the only answer to the town’s salvation lies somewhere deep within The Shadows About Hope

Inside you’ll find:

  • Sword and Sorcery Occupation Table
  • DCC Demi-Human Class Conversions for Sword & Sorcery play
  • New Character Class – The Brule
  • New Patron – Delastria the Carnal Goddess
  • 18 Wondrous Items
  • 50 Item Treasure Table
  • 18 Detailed NPCs
  • Loads of unique creatures, locations, handouts, and more!

The Shadows About Hope is a grim Sword & Sorcery adventure played with level 1 or 2 characters or as a mini-campaign that takes characters from 0 to 2nd level.

Rancid Canyons of the Floating Death Sheep – PDF

A low-level adventure to save Yarrowbone’s meat industry from an unknown badlands predator.

Yarrowbone is known for its delicious cured and smoked meats. Folk travel for hundreds of miles to sample the delights of the villager’s meaty products. There’s a problem though. Something is ravaging the livestock out in the badlands leaving dismembered and disemboweled sheep out rotting in the midday sun.

Yarrowbone’s leader is worried and the farmers and shepherds are having to graze their flocks elsewhere to keep the dwindling meat supply safe.

Unfortunately, as the herd animals have not been reared and fed on the vegetation found in the badlands, the taste of their meat isn’t the same, and as sales decline, the locals are getting restless.

Several groups, including an angry mob of locals, have gone out to try and hunt whatever is devastating their livestock, but they too have generally ended up as carcasses for the vultures.

Only one person has lived to tell the tale and he refuses to go out there again. Most of the bodies of those villagers killed have been recovered. Two are still missing.

The inhabitants of Yarrowbone are getting desperate and need some heroes to find the missing settlers and save their precipitous meat industry from whatever is destroying it.

GLOSS #1: DCC Demi-Human Classes in a Sword & Sorcery Campaign – PDF

Quick and easy rules for human characters using demi-human classes, and demi-humans using human classes in the DCC RPG. From the GLOSS (Glorious Legends of Sorcery & Sword) series by Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press.

GLOSS #2: DCC Catfolk, Druids, and Dragonfolk – PDF

Quick and easy rules for Catfolk/Tabaxi, Dragonfolk/Dragonborn, and Druids in the DCC RPG. From the GLOSS (Glorious Legends of Sorcery & Sword) series by Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press.

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