Classic Harley Stroh Adventures in the 4E Bundle of Holding!

Save on these Harley Classics!

We’ve got a terrific offer over at Bundle of Holding right now. The Goodman Games 4E Bundle is packed with creative supplements and unforgettable adventures from a classic period of gaming: fourth edition. Not only does this include some terrific supplements in the form of hero handbooks and guides, a character codex, book of rituals, DM campaign record, and monster manual, but it also comes with a stack of adventures, many of which were written and/or developed by Harley Stroh!

Pledge at the level of the DM Collection and get classic Harley modules like Death Dealer, Dragora’s Dungeon, and Curse of the Kingspire (to name only a few of the many adventures collected in this bundle), and experience just what makes him a fan-favorite designer!

And did we mention the 20% off discount code to the Goodman Games Online Store? You get that, too!

Pay just $17.95 for our Player Collection of eight complete titles, including Azagar’s Book of Rituals, two Forgotten Heroes character class expansions, four Hero’s Handbook class sourcebooks, and the 4E Character Codex record sheets. And if you pay more than the current threshold price ($28.44), you’ll level up and also receive all seven titles in our DM Collection, including Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens for 4E, three collections of 4E modules for many character levels (including Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer), the two Master Dungeons adventures, and the DM Campaign Record for D&D Fourth Edition. All of these ebooks are DRM-free.

And, as always with these amazing Bundle of Holding deals, a percentage of your offer goes to charity — with the option to give more. The Goodman Games 4E Bundle of Holding benefits the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, a charity that fights food insecurity and hunger and serves over 50,000 households.

A good deal, a great cause, and a legendary writer — what could be better! Click below and check out this great offer:

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