DCC Vampires, Dungeon Grand Prix, and More New In Our Online Store!

Three New Third Party Products!

Three great fully-DCC compatible Third Party releases have hit the Online Store today. We’ve got a sinister backwoods adventure, a wild kart-racing 0-level funnel, and a slayer’s guide to all things Vampire!

Let’s check them out!

Vampire Blood: A Slayer’s Guide

“Vampire Blood” is a 20 page exploration of bloodsuckers for the Dungeon Crawl Classics role playing game. Learn how they kill and how to kill them! Load up on garlic and sharpen your stakes. Slay ’em all!

Dungeon Grand Prix

Dungeon Grand Prix is a 44-page new wild kart adventure setting and level-0 funnel!

In a world where everything that can be in a kart, is in a kart. Where the smell of motor oil is thick in the air.

Drivers drive to their doom. 

Inside you’ll find a new 0-level funnel “Bone Giant’s Paradise” a wild trek across the the kingdom, over rivers, and with views of alpine mountains. A simple goal: light the four beacons. What could possibly go wrong? You could get crushed by an ogre, burst into flames, flip a kart and explode, be dragged away by bats, take a water balloon to the face and drive off a cliff, honestly there’s a lot of ways.

You’ll find suggestions on how to adapt a current dungeon or campaign to have Karts.

Also there’s a 100’ tire god, EYE-RBBR… And also a trio of Knights on dragon jet-bikes, occupations, equipment, driving rules, class-specific advanced maneuvers, item crates, KARTS!, bestiary entries, pit crews, and hazards!

Country Meat-Grinder Classics: Wasted

Country Meat-Grinder Classics is inspired by the grindhouse horror “hicksploitation” films of the 1970s and 1980s!

“Well, I swan…this season’s been a rough ‘un, what with alluva crops gone sour with that corn blight what’s been runnin’ wild through the county. But enough of our miseries! I cain’t wait to git to the Addersbrook fair and relax fer a spell! Get me some good eatin’ and listen to a tune or two. And if’n we’re lucky, maybe Junebug’ll be there with some of his pa’s hootch!”

Country Meat-Grinder Classics is inspired by the grindhouse horror “hicksploitation” films of the 1970s and 1980s! With a few tweaks to genre details, this horrific backwoods adventure can be used in any number of ways in your own DCC RPG games: these townsfolk could easily be found nestled in DCC’s Shudder Mountains or possibly along one of the trails of Weird Frontiers. The denizens within wouldn’t even be out of place in the post-apocalyptic future of MCC’s Terra AD!

Country Meat-Grinder Classics: Wasted is a 1st-level adventure for 4-6 players. This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game (DCC RPG).

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