Final 48-Hour Special Offer for Dungeon Denizens!

Act fast for this monster of a deal!

The time is now to take full advantage of the tremendous Final 48 Hour Special offer for all backers of the Dungeon Denizens Kickstarter. The Kickstarter ends tomorrow night — but there is still time to take things to the next level and unlock EVERYTHING!

How? For starters, your support for this campaign has been so phenomenal we’ve decided to “advance” all backers every stretch goal up to the 450k tier — which means everyone will be getting the first 23 Kickstarter-exclusive bonus monsters in their copies of Dungeon Denizens. Print backers also get a cool, exclusive sticker featuring art from Sanjulian’s cover of the DCC edition of Dungeon Denizens.

But we’re just getting started! We need some of the 4,000+ fans who have shown their love for this project to help us get to the $451,000 mark — and, if and when that happens, ALL stretch goals will be unlocked across the board. That’s 19 more exclusive monsters including uniquely cool creatures like the Fungal Construct, Scorpiopede, Mesmerdrake, Alchemost, and Arcane Golem!

The massive, 500+ Monster, fully-illustrated, hardcover Dungeon Denizens, available for both DCC and 5E, is already one monster of a value when you get in through Kickstarter — but there is so much more ot take advantage of before the campaign ends.

And with so many great add-ons as part of the Dungeon Denizens Kickstarter, it’s easy to up your pledge by taking advantage of some of the amazing deals in accessories and merch. From game master screens to dice, two-page dungeon delves to full-color cardstock monster pawns, VTT tiles to a T-Shirt, there’s an entire emporium of Dungeon Denizens themed player aids and extras to take both your gaming, and the campaign itself, to the next level!

With 23 bonus monsters already unlocked and 19 more potentially achieved before the campaign closes tomorrow night, it’s now-or-never to take Dungeon Denizens into the realm of Kickstarter legend. A monster-sized thank you to all of the 4,000+ backers so far that have made this such an amazing, record-breaking campaign — and, for everyone still waiting to take the plunge or up their pledge, now is the time to add your support and together we can unlock ALL of the remaining monsters! The Mesmerdrake commands it!

If more than 40 exclusive, bonus monsters sounds good to you, now is the time to pledge before the dungeon door slams shut tomorrow night!

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