The Cyclops Welcomes New DCC Fans!

He’s got his eye on you!

The Cyclops always makes a point in welcoming tender enthusiastic new fans to the world of Dungeon Crawl Classics, after all, new players are not only a big part of the future of our incomparable and ever-growing community of gamers from around the world, but they are also a critical component of a balanced diet!

And the Cyclops especially wants everyone, new and old, to harken to the news that his sixth online convention is fast-approaching in May — and you are all invited! War of the Cyclops Con will be a full weekend of (virtual) wall-to-wall gaming, socializing through Gather Town, shopping for deals — in fact, most of everything that makes conventions great . . . but without the lines at the food court and trouble finding a parking spot.

The Cyclops extends his heartfelt invitation to his Con in the video below:

Learn more about War of the Cyclops Con and submit your events at TableTopEvents.

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