Event Submission Opens Tomorrow for War of the Cyclops Con!

This means war!

War of the Cyclops Con, that is. Coming at you May 6-7th 2023, Goodman Games sixth fully-virtual Cyclops Con is bringing a weekend of online gaming, seminars, shopping, and socializing to a computer near you!

Event Submissions for War of the Cyclops Con open tomorrow at Noon EST — anyone who runs 2 or more events will get a free badge! We are looking for Judges to run games from any of the Goodman Games line of products, including 5E, DCC, MCC, DCC Lankhmar, DCC Dying Earth, DCC Empire of the East, etc.

What is Cyclops Con? Goodman Games’ ongoing series of completely virtual, online conventions, absolutely packed with remote gaming opportunities and innovative virtual social gatherings and live streams, and all named for the Cyclops from which they spawned.

How do you sign up? Over on the Table Top Events page, attendees will have the opportunity to buy badges (starting April 2nd), but also to submit their own events to be run during the convention (event submission starts tomorrow, at noon EST). At a future date, every badge holder will be able to sign up for the individual events they are interested in attending through the purchase of inexpensive tickets.

Simply submit your event and time (international players welcome!) through the Table Top Events page, linked below, starting tomorrow 12:00 pm EST.

Author: billward

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