Auto-Calculating Form-Fillable DCC Character Sheets!

These Record Sheets Juggle the Numbers for You!

The days of scribbling your PC’s stats on some lined notebook paper are long over — so how about taking things to the next level with a Character Sheet that does some of the calculations for you?

FSH Professional has brought the Character Record Sheet into the 21st century with its line of Auto-Calculating, Form-Fillable PDF Character Record Sheets. They are fully savable and printable — a modern take on our classic character sheets.

These Third Party Products are character sheets that take into account all the character rules from DCC. Forget your luck roll? Want to make sure you include everything when you level up? Need to remember special weapon conditions? This sheet calculates it all and provides a neat, organized, printable character sheet that can be saved and updated as you progress.

And the folks at FSH Professional have even provided a copy of their Halfling Character Sheet for you to try out for free! Give it a download and check it out.

If you like it, head on over to the FSH Professional Patreon and subscribe for $2 to grab all of the sheets, as well as receive advance pdf copies of their latest adventure modules and source material!

Author: billward

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