Search by Author Name in the Online Store!

Simply pick an Author and see their complete listings!

Last week we described how to search for modules in the Online Store by Adventure Level, and this week we’re back with another great way to search.

While you can find adventures from dozens of different authors in our store, some particularly nefarious diligent designers have contributed classic modules across our core ranges of DCC RPG, MCC RPG, and Fifth Edition Fantasy for many years. You can easily see every adventure, in every system, and in every format, by any one of these writers, and hunt down a collection of your favorites in no time.

Maybe you really love the way a certain designer builds a dungeon or creates an encounter, maybe you’re trying to complete a whole series by a writer and you don’t know all the titles, or maybe you saw an interview or show in which someone mentioned one of their modules, but you can’t remember what it is! Just search by Author Name — accessible right on the front page of the Online Store — and you’ll have your answer in seconds.

Click on any Author below to see their complete collection of adventures:

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