20+ Exclusive Bonus Monsters for Kickstarter Edition of Dungeon Denizens!

Stretch Goals Unlock Exclusive Monsters!

The record-breaking success of the Dungeon Denizens Kickstarter means that backers will have exclusive bonus monsters in their version of the book — monsters that will not be available in the distribution version! So far your support has unlocked 20+ Kickstarter exclusive monsters, with many more possible — and your pledge helps unlock even more exclusive monsters!

And, no matter if Dungeon Crawl Classics or Fifth Edition Fantasy is your particular flavor of fun, we’ve got you covered. Dungeon Denizens is available for both systems in deluxe, absolutely massive, fully-illustrated and fully-indexed hardcover editions (or the reptile skin limited Kickstarter-exclusive edition) containing 500 monsters — and climbing! — to suit your dungeon delving needs.

Supporting the Kickstarter not only let’s you get these books at a discount off of their cover price, but it also grants another exclusive monster, absolutely FREE to backers!

And if 500 monsters wasn’t enough — so far the Dungeon Denizens Kickstarter has unlocked even more exclusive monsters through stretch goals. With 17 new foes including varieties of Door Golems and Giant Lizards, the Darksea Hag, Ocular Worm, and Eyebird just to name a few, our absolute Monster of a Manual just keeps getting bigger. Furthermore, in addition to these stretch goal monsters, we are also offering backer-created monster slots as support for the campaign grows — and so far that’s another 18 more monsters. And we’re just getting started!

Not only that — but there are also a ton of value add-ons you can grab right now at a discount as part of the campaign. From game master screens to dice, two-page dungeon delves to full-color cardstock monster pawns, VTT tiles to a T-Shirt, there’s an entire emporium of Dungeon Denizen themed player aids and extras to take things to the next level. And remember, all of these add-ons also count toward unlocking further stretch goals — and that means more monsters!

A monster-sized thank you to all of the 3,200+ backers for the Kickstarter so far that have made this such an amazing, record-breaking campaign — and, for everyone still waiting to take the plunge, now is the time to add your support and take the project even higher!

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