Announcing Dungeon Day on March 4th! Free 5E+DCC Adventure Modules in Print and PDF!

A Celebration of the Legacy of Gary Gygax

Join us in honoring the Father of the RPG with Dungeon Day, coming soon on March 4th. Co-founder of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary is a huge reason all of us have our favorite hobby — dungeon crawling!

As part of this year’s celebration, Goodman Games is offering an all-new FREE Fifth Edition Fantasy module ideal for new players, Ambush at Dragon’s Cove. This module will be available at the Goodman Games Online Store on March 4th, at no cost, in Print and PDF. (Customers getting the print version will need to pay for shipping, however.) We will also be offering select entry-level DCC adventures for free on the same day (and only on March 4th).

No matter your flavor of gaming, we’ll have something special for you as we reflect on the monumental legacy of the man who took some funny dice, a handful of lead miniatures, and reams of graph paper and melded them all together into an entirely new form of participatory storytelling.

And why not plan to begin your own celebration on Dungeon Day? Start a tradition with your gaming group, maybe gather together for an old school crawl — perhaps one penned by the original Dungeon Master himself!

So dust off your 10 foot pole, polish those high, hard boots, and mark your calendar for Dungeon Day, March 4th 2023! And remember to hit the Online Store and grab your free 5E and DCC adventures in both Print and PDF.

Free Adventure Available March 4th

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