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Jeremy “Father Goose” Shuman Jr. is back with a Zinequest kickstarter follow-up to his zine Corvaxian Codex, with Corvaxian Codex 2. This fully-DCC compatible zine expands on the origins and culture of the Corvaxian, and adds more options for campaigns set in the Frozen North, as well as 6 new spells, a new Patron, and more.

In addition to Corvaxian Codex 2, this Kickstarter also includes an all new-advenure that can be run as a 0-level funnel or a level 1 adventure: Rise of the Drachenwolf, set in the Frozen North — featuring the Corvaxian, of course, but also some interesting new denizens of the northlands for use in your campaign world.

Art by Phil Stone

As of the start of this campaign, the two zines are fully written and the first rounds of playtesting for the adventure have been completed. Layout and art are complete, and the two manuscripts are with Goodman Games for approval. Once the funds arrive from this Kickstarter, the zines will be off to the printer!

This campaign is a part of ZineQuest 5, Kickstarter’s program to help out small, independent publishers and give them some extra attention. And if you are an independent publisher, this is a great chance to be a part of this drive to power old-school tabletop RPGs! Head on over to Kickstarter to get the details!

Author: billward

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