Video Preview of Fifth Edition Fantasy #24: The Prism of Redemption

Redemption is a matter of reflection…

What is the measure of goodness? And what is the cost of pride? You and your fellow adventurers must wrestle with these concepts as you find yourself embroiled in the affairs of celestials and dragons.

Fifth Edition Fantasy #24: The Prism of Redemption is a challenging adventure for 12th-level characters, running them through a gauntlet of encounters that may—or may not—redeem a fallen celestial. Your actions hold the keys, and perhaps the fate of the world.

Watch the video below, and then be sure to pick up your own copy of FEF #24: The Prism of Redemption.

Fifth Edition Fantasy #24: The Prism of Redemption

A level 12 adventure for 5E

Lady Leda Adelhorn is a fallen celestial, imprisoned in her ancestral estate on the peak of Mount Ontarr. Heroes are summoned to assist with her redemption by gathering numerous sacred gems to power an enchanted scepter. With the scepter fully restored, Lady Adelhorn can finally confront an evil dragon and regain favor with her deity, The Father of Dragons. It’s a race against time in a planar journey to collect the gems before it’s too late. But can the heroes overcome a fallen celestial’s pride and arrogance and win the day?

The Prism of Redemption is an all-new fifth edition dungeon crawl adventure suitable for a group of four to six 12th-level characters. This adventure features planar hopping through a series of magical mirrors, facing a series of boss battles highlighting the unique rules of fifth edition play. This adventure was originally a two-round team tournament held in 2021 and includes the original scoring system to recreate a team competition. The adventure also contains an alternate start, presented for classical campaign play without the trappings of tournament play.

It’s 64 pages of action and adventure!

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