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Playing a PC is soooo 1980…Let’s play the monsters!

You saw them in the “Mutant Crawl Classics” core rulebook. You fought them in “Get Me the Juice.” Now it’s your turn to become one. Grab your lucky rabbit’s foot as you and your party take on the role of the tibbar (mutant rabbit monster folk), fighting to stay alive in the post-apocalyptic wilds. What are these strange sentient animals and plants that have invaded your burrow? More importantly, why are they trying to rob your warren home?

From Tim Sattley and High Dive Games comes a fully Mutant Crawl Classics compatible third party supplement that let’s you be the floppy-eared bad guys! Bada$$ Bunnies! is a “reverse” MCC module where the players take on the role of tibbar beasts, trying to thwart the plans of a 0-level party of humanoid non-player characters. Trick, deter, chase, or destroy these pure strain humans, mutants, manimals and plantients before they get away with your tribe’s treasures. This is a fight for survival.  This is “Bada$$ Bunnies!”

Included in this publication are: 

  • 42 pages of RPG fun in a 5.5 x 8.5 format
  • Recommendations and rules to run a tibbar themed adventure
  • Character creation rules for 5 distinct occupations (classes) of tibbar 
  • Personality traits & soft-stats to assist with role-playing each of the rabbit occupations 
  • Specialized gear designed for these mutant rabbits
  • A starting adventure for your new tibbar characters: “We-Are!  Tib-Bar!, The Thundering Herd”
  • Expansion ideas to modify the tibbar characters, allowing you to run them through a complete MCC campaign
  • A custom tibbar character sheet
  • A visually rich zine, with artwork on every page
  • Artwork by JEShields, Ed Bickford, Perplexing Ruins and more

Once your PC characters have been created, it’s time to grab some lettuce, clean out those giant ears and hop right into the action.  Let’s play some “Bada$$ Bunnies!”

This campaign is a part of ZineQuest 5, Kickstarter’s program to help out small, independent publishers and give them some extra attention. And if you are an independent publisher, this is a great chance to be a part of this drive to power old-school tabletop RPGs! Head on over to Kickstarter to get the details!

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