Follow Dungeon Denizens Before Launch For The Bonus Monster!

Follow pre-launch for the first chance at FREE monsters!

Do you know what’s better than 500 monsters? 502 monsters! Head on over to the preview page for the Kickstarter right now and follow the Dungeon Denizens campaign — you’ll be notified as soon as it launches and be able to get the bonus monster that comes from backing the project in the first 48 hours!

Our Dungeon Denizens kickstarter for DCC and 5E is a monster deal on a monster book, and its launch is right around the corner! And if the already great deal wasn’t enough, all backers get a bonus monster — and everyone who pledges in the first 48 hours gets an ADDITIONAL bonus monster! But these bonus monsters are only available through kickstarter!

Dungeon Denizens is the new hardcover collection of over 500 monsters to add to your game. That’s 500 monsters for 5E in one massive hardcover—and 500 monsters for DCC in a different massive hardcover! That’s correct: we’re putting out the book for both DCC RPG and 5E! So no matter your system of choice, we’ve got the book for you!

The early bird gets the . . . monster! Follow now to be ready to back the campaign early.

Author: billward

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