Road Crew, Run Events With Us at Kublacon


Goodman Games will once again be on hand for Kublacon, in Burlingame, CA (just south of San Fransisco) for Memorial Day Weekend—May 26-29—and we want the Road Crew to make the trip!

We want you to make a splash with DCC, MCC, and all other Goodman-style game events throughout the show. Event submission is now open for you to register to run events at the con, so make your plans and show up for the show!

We’ll have a booth filled with all of the latest and best we have to offer, and the thing that will top that off is having the best games run for the whole con! That’s why we want the Road Crew on hand! We know that you are the best gamers in the fandom, and having you make your presence known would be the perfect way to make this con the best San Fransisco has ever seen!

So head on over to their website, or go straight to their TableTop Events page and register now to run events at Kublacon! We’ll see you this May!

Author: pandabrett

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