Follow Dungeon Denizens For The Bonus Monster In First 48 Hours!

What’s better than 500 monsters? 502 monsters!

We’re giving you a monster deal on a monster of a book! Dungeon Denizens is coming your way in February, and if you are one of the people to back the Kickstarter, you’ll get a bonus monster! And if you back in the first 48 hours, you’ll be getting an ADDITIONAL bonus monster!

Dungeon Denizens is the new hardcover collection of over 500 monsters to add to your game. That’s 500 monsters for 5E in one massive hardcover—and 500 monsters for DCC in a different massive hardcover! That’s correct: we’re putting out the book for both DCC RPG and 5E! So no matter your system of choice, we’ve got the book for you!

Do you know what’s better than 500 monsters? 502 monsters! Head on over to the preview page for the Kickstarter! You can follow the campaign now so that you’ll be ready when the full campaign launches for the new Dungeon Denizens Hardcover!

The early bird gets the . . . monster! Follow now to be ready to back the campaign early.

Author: pandabrett

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