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It’s a subterranean funnel for up to 8 players!

New from Cyrus Duane comes a third party DCC funnel that takes townsfolk desperate to flee for their lives through an accidental character crucible, pitting them against weird subterranean creatures and twisted ancient magic, until they are recast into budding adventurers! The Caves of Refuge: The Mines of Misery is a fully-compatible DCC funnel, published in a zine style format, for up to 8 players using multiple characters. It is designed to be a fantastic funnel experience for Judge and players alike; including those new to RPGS, new to DCC, or even well-seasoned reavers.

From Cyrus: DCC has the best community of gamers I have ever seen in over 30 years of gaming and I want to give something back to that community, thus this Kickstarter. This publication is how I share with you my labor of love to create a masterwork funnel that I have playtested, revised and expanded upon over 5 years. 

About The Caves of Refuge/ The Mines of Misery

In times of danger the residents of the town of Rolston have sought safety in the caves at the foothills of the Refuge Mountains. If the townspeople had only kept better records of the town’s founding, they might have never returned to the Caves of Refuge. Lost in history, Ralston was founded by slave miners who successfully rose up against their arcane masters and left the Mines of Misery where countless slaves had been worked to death mining, resources for ancient wizards to use in powerful ancient rituals.

Even if they did recall the town’s origins and the torment their ancestors endured in the mines, the current day situation is so dire that it may not matter. Approaching from the east, a savage barbarian horde descends from the Frozen North ransacking coastal city states in their wake. Now the viscous army marches east, directly at Rolston.

Rolston is but a way station to burn and pillage, mattering little to the horde, yet uprooting the people that have farmed and traded along the Cristo river for generations.  The only hope is to travel to the caves and pass through its limestone caverns under the Refuge Mountains to the hopefully safer lands of the west.

Townsfolk are leaving in groups between 10 and 50 in size, meeting up with guides outside of the caves. Now with the horde rapidly approaching the town, the players may be one of the last groups to safely leave Rolston.

All hope and pray to make it under the mountains and through before the barbarians destroy their tranquil way of life.

A DCC funnel for up to 8 players playing multiple zero level characters.

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