Goodman Games Announces January Is Best Sales Month In Its History

Goodman Games Announces January 2023 Is Best Sales Month In Its History

February 1, 2023 – Goodman Games is pleased to announce that January 2023 is the best sales month in its two-decade history. Sales through the Goodman Games online store reached an all-time high, exceeding even prior Black Friday and holiday special events, while other channels saw similar growth. Dungeon Crawl Classics core rulebooks moved at a brisk pace throughout the month, as several accessories and adventure modules sold out, and the DCC core rulebook accelerated toward the end of its current print run.

Publisher Joseph Goodman attributes the growth to many factors, with the most significant being decisions made by Wizards of the Coast. “DCC RPG is an amazing game that deserves many new fans, and we are happy to constantly meet new players of the game. But the timing of January sales growth is telling. The demand surges coincide directly with announcements by Wizards of the Coast regarding the OGL,” he stated. “I strongly believe that D&D is the tide that lifts all boats in the TTRPG space, and I sincerely hope that WotC understands that its actions are driving gamers away from D&D. I welcome the many new DCC fans to our wonderful community, while also hoping that WotC finds ways to retain and grow its core D&D fan base.”

Goodman Games is one of the very few publishers to have supported D&D through every edition since the year 2001. The company has published D&D-compatible products under the OGL for 3.0, 3.5, 4E and 5E editions. “Our core strategy has always been to support D&D in its current iteration,” explained Goodman. “Based on the number of D&D-compatible adventure modules that Goodman Games has sold over our 20 year history – which is approaching the seven-figure range – and doing some rough math, I would estimate that we are responsible for incentivizing purchases of tens of thousands of WotC-published D&D core rulebooks,” he continued.

“Our multi-generation strategy is possibly unique in the D&D space, in that we focus on publishing old-school products which are kid-friendly. This allows to parents to play our adventures with their coming-of-age children. Over the years we have heard hundreds of anecdotes from parents who tell us how our products led them to buy a current 5E Player’s Handbook for their child. It’s never easy to know for sure what the exact entry point is for any given fan, but I believe Goodman Games has been the entry point for tens of thousands of young D&D fans, and possibly more. Many fans even tell us they play DCC RPG concurrent with existing 5E campaigns or adapt the DCC RPG modules to other editions.”

Goodman Games has a robust lineup planned for 2023, including continued support for its Dungeon Crawl Classics line and related lines, as well as Original Adventures Reincarnated and Fifth Edition Fantasy. Goodman Games intends to partner in the ORC announced by Paizo Publishing while also remaining optimistic that Wizards of the Coast partakes in a more nuanced analysis of the role third party publishers play in supporting D&D sales. Even with the recent announcement regarding Creative Commons for the 5E SRD, Goodman Games recognizes that is a backward-looking strategy and looks forward to hearing about WotC’s commitment to third-party support for future editions of D&D.

Goodman Games encourages fans to continue to support both 5E and DCC RPG by following its upcoming Dungeon Denizens Kickstarter, which will be offered for both systems. Gamers interested in learning more about DCC RPG should check out the DCC First Time Fan Kit, which is a fun and affordable entry point to the game.

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