Video Preview of Phil’s Zine of Goodies

This week two new zines from Meridian Games hit our online store, both of them filled with fantastic material for your DCC game.

Want to know more? Well, why not watch the preview video that they put together to showcase the books and what they’ve got inside their pages. So check out the video below, and then go grab both Judge Phil’s Zine of Goodies Vol 1 and Vol 2 in our online store!

Judge Phil’s Zine of Goodies – Volume 1 – Print + PDF

Written and poorly drawn by Judge Phil Padovani from The Game Keep in Hermitage TN, this first 28 page zine installment brings a few additions to spice up a fellow judges game. Including psychic fish, deathmatch wrestlers, and the infamous CAGE OF DEATH, this zine is the perfect addition to any judges collection of oddities!

Judge Phil’s Zine of Goodies – Volume 2 – The Cuisine of Savorous – Print + PDF

Being the second installment in the “Zine of Goodies” series, this product includes a full level 3 module, “Savorous,” patron of all things tasty, and a fun recipe for the players to try. Dive into the depths below to find the source of the food that EATS YOU!

Author: pandabrett

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