Chthonic Crawl, Fire in the Mohle, And 4 More New Third-Party DCC Zines in the Online Store!

Six New Zines Hot Off the Presses!

We’ve got a stack of old school cool coming your way today in the form of six new wild, weird, and super-creative third-party zines for use in your DCC and MCC games. From Ancient Greece to a Radioactive Future, from new magic, artifacts, spells, and patrons to house rules, adventures, and quirky extras — no matter your jam, we’ve got a zine to fit your scene!

“The Halls of Hades” AEON: Ancient Greece: Volume 4 – Print + PDF


AEON: Ancient Greece Volume 4 takes you and your players to the Underworld!
Pack your bag, bring a coin or two for Charon and an extra toga (in case you soil the one you’re wearing), ‘cuz we’re going to the lands ruled by Hades, God of the Underworld.

Volume 4 brings you:

1. A map of the Underworld!
2. How to Travel to the Underworld: Discover the 5 ways PC’s can enter the Underworld for an epic adventure and tale worthy of being retold by Homer himself – assuming they return to the land of the living that is…
3. What Happens When We Die? This section explains what happens when a person, a monster, a shade or even an Immortal dies.
4. Denizens of the Underworld: A mini-monster manual of all the Gods and monsters of the Underworld.
5. BRAND NEW ADVENTURE! The Halls of Hades: This adventure was designed to be played either 1 on 1 (Judge and Player) or with multiple players who have had a PC die.

So what are you waiting for?
The Underworld to freeze over?
Get your copy of Volume 4: The Halls of Hades, or the LIMITED Gold Foil edition right now!

Chthonic Crawl Issue 1: Magic Items – Print + PDF

The first issue of Chthonic Crawl is a 38 page (not including the back and front cover), B&W, 5.5” x 8.5” zine with a full color front and back cover compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics and other OSR-style systems.

• 17 bad-ass magic items that you can drop into any fantasy setting.
• Each item comes with a B&W hand-drawn picture by the amazing Trey Baldwin.
• All magic items come with a brief system-agnostic history and plot hook as well as the traits that item possesses.
• Each page was lovingly edited by Sally Cripe.
• You’ll receive PNG files of each item (the illustrations found in the book) that can be used as handouts etc. with every PDF
• Includes a Foreword Written by the Legendary game-designer Harley Stroh.
• No flipping pages. Each item will be contained within one two-page spread. You’ll also receive a single-page format for people who prefer to read it that way.

Fire in the MOHLE! – Print + PDF

A 26 page adventure for levels 4-6. Visit the science monkey lab and battle their creations run amok. Negotiate with the AI and perhaps you’ll score a protonana! Plus Cyborg Opossums!

Judge Phil’s Zine of Goodies – Volume 1 – Print + PDF

Written and poorly drawn by Judge Phil Padovani from The Game Keep in Hermitage TN, this first 28 page zine installment brings a few additions to spice up a fellow judges game. Including psychic fish, deathmatch wrestlers, and the infamous CAGE OF DEATH, this zine is the perfect addition to any judges collection of oddities!

Judge Phil’s Zine of Goodies – Volume 2 – The Cuisine of Savorous – Print + PDF

Being the second installment in the “Zine of Goodies” series, this product includes a full level 3 module, “Savorous,” patron of all things tasty, and a fun recipe for the players to try. Dive into the depths below to find the source of the food that EATS YOU!

The Skull Scryer – Print

The Skull Scryer is an 8 page, homemade zine with a small solo adventure called Hell at Gen Con, a few magic items, and a new PC class whose abilities are powered by the number of Road Crew games you’ve run.

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