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Whether you call it Elfland or the Feywild, the home of the elves is a mysterious place.

Stefan Surrat, the man behind the Multiverse and all of its merchants, is back with a new collection of adventures set in the strange and mysterious home of the fae. Elfland: Beyond the Fields We Know brings you a trio of adventures to kickstart (see what we did there?) your journey into a strange land, and you can help them realize their dreams during their Kickstarter campaign.

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

Elfland: Beyond the Fields We Know is a 48-page zine full of paths to Elfland, adventure locales, magic items, fey curses, terrible traps, and more. It’s also written in a way so that anyone can use it as a solo-journaling game in which they create a character who’s drawn into Elfland for a grand adventure. 

The first adventure in our double feature module is Christopher Robin’s Nightmare, is a level-2 adventure that takes place in the Hundred Acre Wood. Christopher Robin is trapped in a magical slumber and his dreams have become a conduit from Elfland into the human world. The PCs will enter Christopher’s dreams and to save the beloved characters that we all know from the classic stories.

The second adventure in our double-feature adventure module is The Blood Rose Curse, another level-2 adventure inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It takes the classic fairy tale, gives it a horrible ending in which the curse was never broken and Beauty never returned then makes the PCs deal with all the consequences. Besides the fairy tale, it takes some inspiration from Hellraiser (1987) for a unique mechanic related to the boss and some map inspiration from Resident Evil 1’s Spencer Mansion.

The last of our written offerings is Winter’s Heart, a pamphlet funnel adventure in which the PCs are stolen from their own world and enslaved by a fey witch. It’s playable in about 2 hours, making it a fantastic way to quickly introduce new players to DCC.

Head on over to Kickstarter and show the campaign some love! They’re already funded and have cleared the first couple of stretch goals—including one that brings you a new song from Loot the Body!—but you can help them reach their dream goal and hit all of them!

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