Support the Third-Party Kickstarter “Jungle Incursion Into the Lair of the Batmen”

Grab your Electro-Bola and follow me!

Over on kickstarter there’s an exciting new Third Party adventure fully compatible with Mutant Crawl Classics: Jungle Incursion into the Lair of the Batmen! This module for levels 4 to 6 from Ian McG has already met it’s funding, and now it’s working on unlocking some stretch goals. Maybe you’ll be the one to push it over the top!

With a host of new monsters and artifacts and an original adventure, you don’t have to be a Science Ape to see what a great deal this is!

An unexpected swath of verdant jungle rises from the arid desert landscape of the irradiated landscape. The jungle seems to be growing. Desiccated bodies of animals litter the sandy landscape and the trail of dead leads to this oasis amidst the sand. 

In this adventure for 4-7 characters of levels 4 to 6 is an officially compatible adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics. The PCs explore an anomalous jungle region and discover an ancient Science Ape facility that was once a communication hub and research facility exploring local fauna. Now, the previous research projects have overtaken the labs and are preying on hapless creatures that venture too close. 

This adventure includes a bevy of new monsters and numerous new Artifacts for use in your Mutant Crawl Classics game.

We are coming in at about 32 pages for this adventure and will be using a saddle stitch cover from the same printer that did Fire In The MOHLE!

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