New In the Online Store: A Plethora of Warehouse Finds!

If you’ve been looking for some hard-to-find or even never-found-before items in our online store, today is your day!

We’ve got over NINETY (yes, 90!) new and found items that are now up in the online store!

We went digging through the warehouse again and we found even MORE items that we didn’t realize we had. Including some rather rare and hard-to-find items, along with promotional items, long-out-of-print stuff, and even some things we packaged together at an amazingly low price.

A few notations on these items:

  • No refunds or exchanges on warehouse finds
  • All these items are shipped as-is with no guarantee of being in pristine condition. In some cases, they are customer returns, shipped back from cons, distributor returns, or have noticeable shelf wear
  • Some product descriptions may not be 100% accurate since in some cases these are very old items not in line with the latest printings

All in all, this is an amazing week for the collector, but do NOT hesitate! All of the items in the warehouse finds section are very limited, and will not last.

Author: pandabrett

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