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The year is off to a big start with the announcement of the upcoming Indiegogo campaign for our Fifth Edition Fantasy Adventure Module Manual (vol 1) — a mega-volume hardback omnibus collection of the first seven modules in our FEF line! The Indiegogo campaign is right around the corner — but you can sign up right now and be notified the instant it launches!

As always, Indiegogo backers not only help make these publications possible — but get a discount off the cover price! Seven classic, easy to drop-in 5E adventures from your favorite designers, all in one 200+ page tome, available for less than the cover price — you’ll definitely want to go-go for this deal!

Adventure Module Manual Vol. 1 is a hardcover collection of the first 7 adventure modules published under the FEF brand, most of them written by Chris Doyle and Michael Curtis. The volume is estimated at approximately 200-210 pages. The contents include:

  • FEF #1: Glitterdoom, by Michael Curtis (level 3 adventure)
  • FEF #2: The Fey Sisters’ Fate, by Chris Doyle (level 1 adventure module)
  • FEF #3: The Pillars of Pelagia, by Chris Doyle (level 3 adventure module)
  • FEF #4: War-Lock, by Michael Curtis (level 4 adventure module)
  • FEF #5: Into the Dragon’s Maw, by Chris Doyle (level 12 adventure module)
  • FEF #6: Raiders of the Lost Oasis, by Chris Doyle (level 4 adventure module)
  • FEF #7: Fantastic Encounters, by Bob Brinkman, Michael Curtis, Chris Doyle and James Floyd Kelly (12 short encounters from levels 1 to 6)

When D&D fifth edition was released, Goodman Games released the very first salable third-party adventure module to go with it: Fifth Edition Fantasy #1: Glitterdoom. 5E fans know that the stand-alone, world-neutral, classic fantasy format of this series is incredibly easy to drop into any ongoing campaign or one-shot. Now that many of the early FEF adventures are out of print, Goodman Games is pleased to announced that we are compiling them into hardcover format!

This campaign funds the printing of this milestone hardcover, as well as select pieces of art to complete the final layout. With sufficient interest in this first volume, we anticipate publishing additional hardcover compilations in the future.

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