Top 10 Accomplishments for Goodman Games 5E Product Line in 2022

Top 10 Accomplishments for Goodman Games 5E Product Line in 2022

by Chris Doyle

10. We added new writers and editors to the 5E team!

This year, due to an expanding 5E product line, we added two more writers, and two more editors. And we conducted another open call for writers, so we have more waiting in the wings.

9. We premiered three more episodes of ‘What’s Coming Down the 5E Pike!

This Twitch show, hosted by Chris, features special guests and gives fans a rundown of all the new 5E products coming down the 5E Pike. Stay tuned for even more shows in 2023 and on a regular basis.

8. The Three Wizard Conundrum was our 5E Free RPG Day adventure!

Hopefully you snagged a copy of this all-new low-level adventure with a design entirely inspired by amazing cover art.

7. Our Top-Secret 5E Playtest Continues!

In 2022, Chris conducted 23 sessions of the top-secret playtest started in 2022. Pages of playtest notes have been compiled, in addition to getting the chance to playtest several critters from our upcoming Dungeon Denizens book!

6. Dungeon Denizens is nearing the end of its design journey!

OK, we too are bummed that this monstrous manual has not hit crowdfunding yet, but that does not mean we are sitting idly by. In 2022, we finished all 500 monsters, converted them to the most recent 5E format, and added several “celebrity” designers to the project. Plus, all that artwork…

5. The Dark Tower Kickstarter shattered our own crowdfunding records!

OAR #7 was well-received by the fans to the tune of 3,450 backers and $450,000! And did we mention pdf versions and VTT support is available for this product! And we already announced OAR #8?

4. We released five adventures in the Fifth Edition Fantasy line!

FEF #19 through #23 were released this year. We got lost in a swampy maze, spent a night in an old citadel, foiled a hag’s plot in an enchanted forest, updated a classic Goodman Games villain and escaped a pirate-infested island. Whew!

3. We are working hard with developers to bring the FEF line to Roll20!

With over 20 FEF titles in our library, we have begun the process of getting these older titles onto the popular VTT platform. Stay tuned for some announcements in early 2023.

2. The return to in-person conventions!

The hardest part about the last 2+ years was limited fan contact. Well, Goodman Games came roaring back to the convention scene this year. Members of the 5E team attended Origins, GenCon and Pax Unplugged. And several members of the 5E team met in person for the first time!

1. Talking TSR broadcast its 40th Episode!

Talking TSR recently wrapped its third season with 40 episodes in the books. We are already planning and plotting an amazing 50th Episode Spectacular!

Check out our complete line of Fifth Edition Fantasy below!

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