Support The Starlight Children’s Foundation With The DCC Humble Bundle!

Save a Bundle while helping Kids in Need!

We here at Goodman Games don’t just enjoy playing games, we want to share that same happiness with those in need — and you can help do the same with Humble Bundle!

Our latest Humble Bundle New Perils for Classic Dungeon Crawls has already raised a considerable amount for the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and there is still plenty of time to not only help this tremendous charity, but to get an all-around amazing deal on some Goodman Games products.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation provides games, virtual reality, hospital wear, and more to sick kids so they can have some childhood fun while they and their families go through a very tough time. Helping spread some happiness to kids in need this Holiday Season is really the best deal of all, and we’re always truly humbled by the generosity of our fans.

This Humble Bundle includes some of our most beloved and popular DCC and DCC Lankhmar adventures, as well as a selection of past Yearbook titles and DCC Day Adventure Packs, standout sample copies of the world’s premier sword-and-sorcery magazine Tales From the Magician’s Skull, the latest edition of The DCC Core Rulebook itself (even a Judges Screen in PDF), and, if that wasn’t enough, a 20% Off Coupon for use on future purchases in the Goodman Games store!

I’ll just say that again — a 20% Off Coupon to the Online Store is just one of the items in this amazing Bundle.

You can even take advantage of this massive deal by selecting which of our Bundle offers is right for you: go all in for the big 30 item offer at $18.00, drop $10 instead for a lucky collection of 13 items, or thoroughly disprove the notion that you can’t get anything for a buck by selecting the 3 items reward tier for just $1.

Cursed tombs, ancient gods, and glory!

Venture back to the golden age of role-playing with this collection of adventures and resources for Dungeon Crawl Classics, the modern sword & sorcery tabletop RPG rooted in the games of yore! Explore the illustrated rulebook, then take your party into perilous places filled with traps, treacherous encounters, and treasure in The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar, The Chained Coffin, and more thrilling adventures. Plus, choose how much of your purchase helps us support Starlight Children’s Foundation!

Consider this simple way to spread a little happiness through Humble Bundle — your generosity can make all the difference in the world to a child this holiday season.

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