98,280 Dice!

When Tom Anders of Impact Miniatures assembled all of the orders for the dice sets offered in our DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres (is Chaos) and Dark Tower Kickstarters, he took a picture of the enormous 3/4 ton pile of polyhedral treasure and sent it our way. And, of course, we just had to have a contest to guess how many dice we were looking at. Here’s the picture:

Some of you resorted to enumerational incantations or forbidden pacts with extra-planar geometers to unlock the answer, while others consulted machine-learning multi-valent rogue AIs or furiously pounded the keys on their estimatorinators to arrive at a solution. A few wild cards simply guessed. Whatever the method, 282 of you put your best estimate forward, with answers ranging from 5 to 240,000,000!

But, of course, there can be but one winner, one closest guesser, one diciest of the dicey . . .

And that winner is Ronald Gardner, who was only off by 813!

Congratulations, Ronald, and thanks to all of you who participated in the contest to guess our 98,280 dice.

Author: billward

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