New DCC and MCC Third-Party Supplements In The Online Store!

Shapeshifters and Micro-Monsters and POGs — oh my!

We have some terrific new third party releases in our Online Store today. From Jeremy Shuman , Jr. and Father Goose Creations comes a new DCC compatible playable race of shapeshifters in the Covaxian Codex, as well occupations, spells, and mercurial effects to bring them to life in your campaign. Father Goose even has a custom Corvaxian-themed POG-style luck token set featuring art from the Codex — complete with a slammer!

And speaking of changing shape — what about changing size? From Tim Snider and The Savage AfterWorld comes The Desk in Room 8-10, an MCC compatible 1st level adventure that dares to think small — nearly microscopic in fact!

So let’s get out that magnifying glass and take a look!

Corvaxian Codex Print + PDF

Discover a new playable race of shapeshifters known as the Corvaxian, plus new spells and Mercurial Magic effects.

Corvaxian Codex is 32 pages of all-new content introducing the shapeshifting race known as the Corvaxian.

Exiled from Elfland long ago, the Corvaxian make their home in the Frozen North. Inside you will find new Occupations, new Spells, new Mercurial Magic options – all related to the Corvaxian.

Corvaxian Luck Token POG Set

Physical Luck Tokens in POG form featuring art from Corvaxian Codex! Also includes custom slammer!

The five forms of the Corvaxian as illustrated by the incomparable Phil Stone have been transformed into physical luck tokens for use in your game. Even better, they are classic-style POGs with an accompanying slammer! 35 POGs in total come in a plastic tube, along with a custom slammer.

The Desk in Room 8-10 Print + PDF

A 1st-Level Adventure for MCC RPG

A Seeker has returned to the village excitedly describing an Ancient structure her team discovered. She waited while they entered, yet they never returned. You’ve been sent to investigate the disappearance as well as the unexplained growth of surrounding flora and fauna. Also, is the Seeker…shorter?

In the world of Terra AD, no one has ever before encountered the wonders and dangers of the environment the players will soon find themselves in – that of the near-microscopic world! It will take creative problem-solving to make use of sparse resources and Ancient castoffs, as well as fortitude and determination to overcome creatures never before seen in the post-apocalyptic future. Includes a new patron AI: MICRON, the master of miniaturization!

The Desk In Room 8-10 is a 1st-level adventure for four to six Seekers. This product is compatible with the Mutant Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game.

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