New DCC Zines and Sourcebooks In The Online Store!

It’s a third-party Wednesday, with three new books, and new iterations of some of your favorite items!

Monster fans are going to love Overworld, the new monster zine inspired by classic video game beasts, while The Ashmore Herald Vol. 1 explores a small community that is a great add-on to any campaign, and the appropriately titled Zero-Level Survival Guide provides some insight to help players reach the initial plateau of…first level!

And we now have new colors of two of your favorite pre-inked gel stamps in stock!

Let’s take a look!

Overworld Tabletop RPG Monster Manual for DCC RPG – Print + PDF

Tabletop RPG Monster Manual Zine – inspired by retro video games

Many years ago, a young boy received a kingly gift, the gift was The Legend of Zelda, and that boy was me—Eric Bloat. The moment I put that gold-plated cartridge into my NES, I was instantly transported to the strange land of Hyrule and began my quest to rescue Princess Zelda from the hands of the cruel Gannon. The Legend of Zelda is about adventure and discovery, trial and error, play, die, play again! I spent hours, too numerous to count, looking for secrets, fighting enemies, collecting Rupees, and trying to put the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom back together again. And even now, 30 plus years later, I still go back to the original Legend of Zelda. I never tire of it. I never regret the moments spent playing. There are plenty of great video games, but there is only one Legend of Zelda.

This is what led me to create Overworld

Overworld is a bestiary/monster manual tabletop RPG zine based on the creatures/enemies from the original Legend of Zelda. Each of these creatures are converted from their video game roots to a tabletop RPG gameable version of itself.

The Ashmore Herald Vol. 1 – Print + PDF

A zine for a small pastoral setting with just a hint of the odd for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.

The Ashmore Herald Vol. 1 is a digest-size zine that contains 20 pages of residents of Ashmore County’s town of Rock Creek. Inside you’ll find short descriptions of the major residents of the town, a 2-level dungeon for level 1 DCC characters, two new monsters, magic items, and even a recipe to make for your gaming group. Inside is enough fun for an evening around the table or the seeds for adventures to come.

The Zero-Level Survival Guide

Tips from old-school style play for making it to level 1.

Zero-Level play represents your character’s humble beginnings. Maybe as a peasant, a beggar, or a gongfarmer. Whatever your profession, it’s a hard journey from Level 0 to Level 1. Inside are some of my suggestions for getting from here to there. None are a guarantee of success, but just maybe you’ll tip the odds slightly less out of your favor. 

Plus, we’ve new ink colors for each of the stamps below! Red, blue, and purple are now options, depending on the stamp!

Author: pandabrett

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