All The Holiday Adventures

Ho…Ho…HOLY COW! We’ve got a lot of great holiday adventures!

With the holiday season upon us, right now is a great time to share the love with your gaming group. And what better way to do that than with a holiday-themed adventure?

Fortunately, our Online Store has a terrific selection of holiday adventures for DCC RPG (and MCC RPG!) for you to choose from, including the newest addition to the series: Came The Monsters of Midwinter!

Came The Monsters of Midwinter is Brendan LaSalle’s latest, set among The Shudder Mountains, with your 2nd-level PCs fighting to save the town of Star Notch from an icy danger. And this adventure comes with a unique scratch-off advent-style sheet to add an extra level of fun to the game!

And that’s just the latest! There are over ten more options to choose from to help make your holidays more cheerful! Look below to see the selection of adventures currently available, and then roll away to a happy new year!

A level 2 holiday adventure module for DCC RPG! 

A 0-level adventure funnel for DCC RPG! 

A level 2 holiday adventure!

A level 2 holiday adventure set in Lankhmar!

A level 1 holiday adventure!

A Level 2 Adventure!

A level 4 DCC RPG adventure!

A Level 3 Adventure!

A level 2 holiday adventure!

A level 1 holiday adventure!

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