Guess The Number of Dice To Win a Prize!

If you think you know how many dice are in the pic below, then we’ve got great news: whoever can guess the number of dice in this photo will win a fabulous prize.

It’s a lotta dice. A whole lotta dice. Like…a WHOLE lotta dice.

The dice pictured in this image weigh 3/4 ton and are currently in the home of Tom Anders of Impact Miniatures, awaiting processing. These are all the dice for the sets offered in our DCC #100: The Music of the Spheres (is Chaos) and Dark Tower Kickstarters. But before they got processed we wanted to do something special—like a contest.

So do you think you’ve got a good guess as to how many dice are in this photo? Send your guess to and we’ll put you in the contest!

And now some rules: One entry per person, please. The guess closest to the actual amount wins. No purchase necessary. Be kind to others.

We’ll be updating you with more info on the prizes at a later date. For now, get out your estimatorinator and get us your best guess!

Author: pandabrett

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