The Pits of Lost Agharta: From Gen Con to Your Screen!

It’s King of the Hill — DCC style!

The Pits of Lost Agharta started life as a fun, every-PC-for-themselves elimination tournament to be played online at Spawn of the Cylops Con (you can watch that first tournament here). But then, as gaming sometimes tends to do, the virtual Pits escaped into the real world!

Thanks to the dedication and craftsmanship of a team of ziggurat-mancers in the persons of Chase Reinhart and Stefan Flickinger, Harley Stroh’s vision for the Pits of Lost Agharta was made manifest, and a mighty pyramid of dark stone (complete with gribbly tentacles) was upraised for the sport of the Lords of the Pit! Chase and Stefan pursued the project entirely on their own in initiative, and then very generously gave Harley not only their splendidly massive and functional three dimensional gameboard in the form of the Ziggurat, but also miniatures enough to run the game at this years’ past Gen Con!

And for all of that Chase and Stefan received a Goodie Award!

Lord of the Ziggurat Harley Stroh in action at Gen Con 2022

Of course, Goodie Award Winning terrain pieces are not the sort of things everyone will have access to, but the hectic, cut-throat fun of Pits of Lost Agharta is something that any gaming group can now play thanks to the Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook. The 2021 yearbook not only includes the original rules for the Pits, but also variant rules to both add alternate stakes to your games but also tie them into a larger campaign if you should wish, as well as a Virtual Table Top map and token tile pack to run the games online!

Six 1st level player characters enter — but only one survives to stand atop the ziggurat of the Pits of Lost Agharta in this one-of-a-kind hit DCC battle royale adventure. Abducted and imprisoned by the Lords of Agharta and forced to fight for their amusement, the PCs must scale the ziggurat as the sea rises beneath them, survive the perils of circling man-bats and lumbering giants, and ingeniously utilize the random boons of magic crystals and the powerful blast of siege engines to withstand attacks from all sides. How well — and for how long — the PCs cooperate before turning on one another only adds to the tension!

Every player doesn’t just control a lone PC — they also influence global events in the persona of the Lords of the Pit themselves. Vote to advance the NPC giants (or, even, control certain ‘flesh-eating’ PCs!), punish the top-most heroes or threaten those that lag behind . . . events have a way of turning around in quick and dramatic fashion in the Pits.

Will your lowly club armed PC survive to stand victorious atop the Ziggurat? Do you work together to endure the threats the Lords of the Pit throw at you, or attempt to backstab your way to the top? With multiple ways to play and great art assets to take your games online, the Pits of Lost Agharta lets you DCC is a whole new way!

Everything you need to run this adventure is included with the Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook — along with a whole lot more for DCC and 5E gaming!

Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook – Print + PDF

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