Gifts for the DCC Lifestyle!

Gifts for the DCC Gamers in your life!

Stumped for actual good ideas on what to get that gamer in your life? Sure, dice and books and accessories seems obvious, but don’t they already have most of those? What are the sorts of things they wouldn’t normally get for themselves, the sorts of things that will make a big impression?

Our list of Holiday Gift ideas for the gamer in your life takes a look at some of the more unique, more unusual, and definitely most memorable items from our Online Store. These are the perfect extra gift for the DCC enthusiast who maybe already has all of the basics, but would just love a little unexpected hobby treasure under the tree this year.

Simply click on any of the links, or on the pictures themselves, to view the item in our Online Store — and let’s shop!

Now, of course we realize your gamer isn’t actually afraid of the dark (that’s just the character he plays, honest) — but a spot of color and light in the midst of winter’s long nights is always welcome. Whether providing a bit of mood lighting during a gaming session or setting off a bookshelf with their soft glow, our DCC and MCC laser cut, color-changing nightlights are a perfect gift for this time of year.

DCC RPG Edge Lit Laser Cut Acrylic Color Changing Night Light
MCC RPG Edge Lit Laser Cut Acrylic Color Changing Night Light

Perhaps your gamer has sailed the starless seas a few times in their day (after all, it is one of our most popular adventures) — but they’ve probably never experienced it like this! This collectible flexi-disk features DCC fan favorite prog-rock band Loot the Body‘s homage to the classic DCC module Sailing the Starless Sea (purchase includes bandcamp code for digital download as well).

7″ Flexi-Disk Loot the Body, Sailing the Starless Sea

And of course nothing says ‘old school gamer’ like our ever expanding range of t-shirts. There are a ton of designs to pick from in our apparel section, featured below are a pair of our most popular. From commemorating convention appearances to celebrating the quirky crew of individuals who contribute so much to our community, our Goodman Games apparel brings old school swank into the (semi) modern era.

GG Joe Wizard Van T-Shirt
Spellburn T-Shirt

Certainly the words ‘old school’ get thrown around a lot — but truly nothing embodies the old school spirit more than those potently small and surprisingly ingenious publications known as ‘Zines! Exploring every topic imaginable, our huge selection of third party ‘Zines is a great way to add specialty flavor or shake things up with new rules, classes, patrons, spells, and monsters.

Mutant High School
One of Us #1

Over the years, many, many limited edition covers of our publications have come out — those below are just a sample — so this year, why not help that DCC collector in your life fill in a few of those gaps on the shelf?

Stefan Poag Limited Edition Cover
Doug Kovacs’s ‘Shana’ Limited Edition Cover

Our limited editions also come in deluxe and collectible versions using even higher quality physical media, such as leather bindings and gold leaf. For a truly heirloom-quality gift that will not be soon forgotten, one of these weighty tomes under the tree would be treasure indeed!

The Cthulhu Alphabet Leather Cover
The Cthulhu Alphabet Cerulean Foil Cover
Grimtooth’s Trapsylvania (DCC Sourcebook) – leatherbound edition
The Dungeon Alphabet – Fourth Printing, Leather Cover

In addition to our other limited edition and collectible covers, Goodman Games has also released Oversized Editions of classic gaming material such as our Metamorphosis Alpha reprint and our multiple volumes of collected Judges Guild material.

Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Collector’s Edition (Gold Foil Edition, Oversized)
Judges Guild Deluxe Collector’s Edition Vol. 1

Adventurers the world over rely on various energy potions to get through an average afternoon of hard-hewing and spell-slinging, and just one steaming cup of Into the Grinder coffee has been proven to provide most of the results of a haste spell, without the side-effects of rapid aging. A great gift everyone can enjoy.

‘Into the Grinder’ Coffee

And, of course, if there is one thing every user of ‘funny dice’ needs, it’s more funny dice! Check out our DCC Dice grab bags for dice-assortment sizes suitable for every gaming group.

Wild Dice, Half-Pound Assortment
DCC Dice, Two Pound Assortment

Finally, our digital gift cards allow you to give the gift of DCC without ever wrapping a package or even licking a stamp! Simply choose your dollar amount, your recipient, and add a holiday message — our cards are good for everything in store, and never expire!

Digital Gift Card, multiple denominations

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