A Video Preview of “The Hangman’s Garden” DCC Adventure

Someone has committed a crime—and you are being put on trial!

Smoking Wyrm Monograph volume 1 number 2: The Hangman’s Garden is the new adventure by Dieter Zimmerman for Blind Visionary Publications. It’s a rich adventure with multiple options to create a variety of games out of a single booklet.

And the folks at Blind Visionary Publications wanted to showcase it properly, so they’ve got a video to give you insight into the book before you pick up one of the limited edition copies.

Let’s take a look!

Smoking Wyrm Monograph volume 1 number 2: The Hangman’s Garden⏤Risograph Edition

Survive the Hangman’s Garden if you can!

Smoking Wyrm Monograph volume 1 number 2 featuring The Hangman’s Garden by Dieter Zimmerman! You have been accused of crimes you may or may not have committed! Sentenced to a trial by the local Sheriff and Priest of Justicia—can you survive the Hangman’s Garden and prove your innocence? This issue features:

  • A level 2 adventure for characters accused of crimes they may or may not have committed.
  • 3 environmental 4×6 cards, kept in a back cover pocket
  • 8 adversary and 1 coin of justice tarot-sized card, kept in a pocket on the back inside cover
  • 18 random crimes with guilt tables to determine adventurer guilt!

This is the limited-edition, hand-numbered to 315 copies, version of this book. Once all 315 copies are sold, this edition will not come again. Featuring archival quality Mohawk Via smooth paper and cover stock. Printed in two colors throughout. Staples are enameled glossy black to resist rusting.

Author: pandabrett

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