New In The Online Store: DCC Coffee! Plus DCC Adventures!


The folks at Smuggler’s Coffee have produced a new blend that they feel goes perfect with everything DCC. Yes Sezreken, there is a coffee blend. And now order it through our online store!

Plus, there are two all-new third-party adventures for DCC RPG, as well as a special accessory that is great not just for one of those adventures, but for all your criminal-based conflicts.

To top it off, there are also two new third-party PDFs available in our online store!

Let’s take a look!

Smugglers Coffee and Dungeon Crawl Classics presents Into the Grinder

Into the Grinder: A Dungeon Crawl Classics inspired coffee

Medium Roast South American blend Tasting notes of cocoa, walnuts, dark plots, dastardly deeds, and the lamentations of your enemies Smugglers Coffee has teamed with Dungeon Crawl Classics to make a perfect match for long nights of adventuring.

No matter if you’re murdering meandering misfits in The Portal Under the Stars or traveling into the depths of the Shudder Mountains, you’ll need all the energy and focus available. Once you’re all juiced up on the go-go potion, a wizards’ duel will seem like a walk in the park. Beastmen will be as harmless as kittens. Undead will cower in fear! It’s time to grab some math rocks and coffee.

Let’s get ready to crush some skulls! HELL YEAH!!!

Terror of the Stratosfiend : Cycle of the Snake-Wolf 2 : Return to the Shattered Woods – Print + PDF

A nightmarish trip between a diner in the woods and a cult devoted to a dying alien star god.

“Return to the Shattered Woods” is a closer look at what happens when we culturally become dependent on a gift from the stars, and it abandons us.

A very strange diner in the woods, frequented by strange people. It has a Job Board, a Panic Room, and an alley where more otherworldly things occur. As well as Rumours and Observations about what the PCs perceive to be true.

  • A Depth Crawl leading through the shattered woods, the deeper you go, the more likely you get lost, and the weirder things start happening. Beware the chained one
  • New bestiary entries channeling “the monster” not “a monster”. There are demons in wells, bear hunters, a 900 lb boar, and a man known only as the Crab King
  • A village devoted to a Dying God, with signs and afflictions and cults to build upon this, but don’t you dare LOOK at it. Also OBEY its commands
  • New Loot from what a Dying God leaves behind as earthly possessions
  • 2 new deities: a dying star god and a government conspiracy turned reality
  • 68 Pages!

Smoking Wyrm Monograph volume 1 number 2: The Hangman’s Garden⏤Risograph Edition

Survive the Hangman’s Garden if you can!

Smoking Wyrm Monograph volume 1 number 2 featuring The Hangman’s Garden by Dieter Zimmerman! You have been accused of crimes you may or may not have committed! Sentenced to a trial by the local Sheriff and Priest of Justicia—can you survive the Hangman’s Garden and prove your innocence? This issue features:

  • A level 2 adventure for characters accused of crimes they may or may not have committed.
  • 3 environmental 4×6 cards, kept in a back cover pocket
  • 8 adversary and 1 coin of justice tarot-sized card, kept in a pocket on the back inside cover
  • 18 random crimes with guilt tables to determine adventurer guilt!

This is the limited-edition, hand-numbered to 315 copies, version of this book. Once all 315 copies are sold, this edition will not come again. Featuring archival quality Mohawk Via smooth paper and cover stock. Printed in two colors throughout. Staples are enameled glossy black to resist rusting.

Be sure to check out all of the videos about this release on the product page!

The Hangman’s Garden Crime & Guilt Deck

Find what you are accused of, and your level of guilt in the matter, with this deck of cards!

A companion to Smoking Wyrm Monograph volume 1 number 2: The Hangman’s Garden, this deck of cards greatly speeds up the randomized determination of the crimes adventurers are accused of, and their guilt! A wonderful addition to any game where adventurers have been accused of crimes, such as The Temple of the Hamster by Vance Games.

Limited to only 100 decks in total, these will not be printed again.

Be sure to check out the video preview about this release on the product page!

And be sure to grab the two new PDF releases in our online store!

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