Replay of Road Crew Rally and Montage

Last weekend we took a moment to gather together and talk about all the great things that happen in the name of DCC RPG!

The final Road Crew Rally of 2022 had a bit of everything. It started out with Judge Brendan and the Road Crew Advisory Council, moved to a convo with Terry Olson, and finished up with our own Dark Master, Joseph Goodman.

In the midst of all of that, we even took time out to have a retrospective montage of Road Crew artwork from the past nine years of the program—as well as pics from Road Crew events over that same period. All in all, it was an amazing time!

But why just talk about it when you can still watch it yourself?

As you can see below, we’ve uploaded the Road Crew Rally to YouTube, where you can watch and comment about it on your schedule. So find a moment or two and watch the fun unfold!


Author: pandabrett

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