Support The “Fire in the MOHLE” Third-Party MCC Kickstarter

This is going to be a long and complicated adventure, with twists and turns and challenges galore. Including having to deal with a giant cyborg possum that just won’t leave you alone.

Fire in the MOHLE is the new adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics recommended for 4-6 PCs of at least level 3. In this module, you explore a forgotten facility run by the Science Apes and their forces.

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

In a time of the Ancients, this outpost was used by the Great Science Apes to explore the depths of the arteries of the planet itself. It is unclear whether the Great Science Apes were native to this planet or whether they visited, perhaps seeking some valuable research, or completing dangerous experiments somewhere far away from home. But these Apes have left an indelible mark and wealth of riches for an intrepid seeker.

This project includes art by Chet Minton, Tim Burns, and more. The map includes cartography from Ian McGarty whose work can be seen in Skeeter Green Productions products and the recent Thay: Land of the Red Wizards book by Greenwood, Kammer, and Patrick. Layout and graphic design is done by Jayson Rocky Gardner from such books as Dwarrowdeep and Highfell by Greg Gillespie, as well as work for Pacesetter Games and Frog God Games. The module was written by Ian McGarty, author of numerous RPG works from Planet X Games, Skeeter Green Productions, and Frog God Games. 

So head on over and support the Fire in the MOHLE third-party MCC Kickstarter! The campaign is funded and looking to hit some stretch goals, so let’s get them there!

Author: pandabrett

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