A Preview of W.J. Lewis’s “Dakagna, Queen of Swords”

A preview of W.J. Lewis’ “Dakagna, Queen of Swords”

The jam-packed Tales From the Magician’s Skull Issue 8 is now available for purchase, and we are starting our story previews for the issue with our cover story, W.J. Lewis’ “Dakagna, Queen of Swords.”

Cursed to forever wander in bloody conflict, bladeslinger Dakagna seeks the sorcerous cure to her condition in a remote caravan town. Beset by beasts and betrayers, Dakagna must trust in her sword to see a way through — all while observing the dictum that “no good comes of scamming wizards.”

Jennel Jaquays captures the chaos of “Dakagna’s” climax in a black-and-white two page spread, and legendary artist Ken Kelly depicts Dakagna herself in frenzied melee on the cover of TFTMS #8 (below).

Join us in the days and weeks to come for more free previews from Tales From the Magician’s Skull’s explosive eighth issue!

Be sure to check out Tales From the Magician’s Skull Issue #8 for more tremendous sword-and-sorcery fiction!

Author: billward

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