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This is NOT a book for DCC RPG. It is, however, a book for life…

So, you’ve decided to have a child. Congratulations. Roll for initiative. Diapers and Daycares is an RPG parody from the folks at Gaming Honors that takes you on the most challenging adventure you may ever experience. It’s one where the rules are never the same, and every encounter is filled with experience points. Lots and lots of experience points.

Here’s some info straight from the Kickstarter:

Prepare for the role-playing game of a lifetime: PARENTHOOD.

YOU WILL use all of your wits and abilities to survive.

YOU WILL be pushed to the limits of your endurance, and beyond.

YOU WILL see, hear, and smell things beyond your wildest imagination.

Welcome to the world of Diapers and Daycares, the ultimate in non-stop, ear-splitting, headache-inducing action. 

What kind of parent will you be? The Multi-tasker, the Coach, or the Time-Traveler? How about the Druid or the Cyborg? Choose from these and other exciting character classes, each with its own unique traits and special abilities.

Show your courage as you face impossible obstacles, from the babysitter who calls in sick to the insurance company customer service rep. After all, how much is your out-of-pocket maximum for families? Roll a Knowledge Arcana check, add your Intelligence modifier, and hope for the best.

Diapers and Daycares is a fully playable d20 parody for parents and role-players alike, or for role-playing parents. Or the people who love them.

Again this is NOT a book for DCC RPG. It’s a stand-alone game, and Goodman Games has no direct involvement with it at all. Other than completely understanding the challenges that are represented, and truly appreciating the adventure parenthood involves.

So head on over and support the Diapers & Daycares Parents Handbook Kickstarter. Parenthood awaits! We hope you survive the experience.

Author: pandabrett

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