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We’ve got a trio of new Goodman Games books out this week!

Whether you are looking to find them at your FLGS or online, three new titles are hitting the shelves this week. From the Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook to the latest adventure for Fifth Edition Fantasy to the newest issue of Tales From the Magician’s Skull, there is something out this week for everyone!

Let’s take a closer look!

Goodman Games 2021 Yearbook – Print + PDF

Goodman Games closes the book on another year with our annual yearbook release.

Celebrate the great year of gaming that was 2021 with this terrific compilation of all-new material. 

  • Includes new level 2 DCC RPG adventure “Black Mountain Lights” by Michael Curtis
  • Includes new DCC RPG tournament-style event “The Pits of Lost Agharta” by Harley Stroh
  • Includes the all-new 15th-level adventure “The Monastery of the Dawning Sun” for 5E, written by Chris Doyle
  • Also contains “The Stache Stash II: Stache of the Titans” by Brendan LaSalle

And much, much more.

Fifth Edition Fantasy #22: Caverns of the Sea Strangers – Print + PDF

A level 6 adventure for 5E

Local magistrates hire your party to find a pirate captain, suddenly active again after having disappeared for many years. His trail leads to Catastrophe Rock, a barren island surrounded by a dangerous atoll known as a death trap for ships. You must brave the dangerous waterway, find the villain’s lair, and put an end to his days of plunder and killing!

But is there something even more sinister behind the recent spate of pillaged ships? And what secrets may bold searchers find within the ancient caverns of Catastrophe Rock? How will you fare against the tricks, traps, and illusions of these master deceivers? What hope have you against the monstrous denizens and the Sea Strangers themselves? And how will you escape this lonely place to tell the tale? 

Caverns of the Sea Strangers is an all-new 5E sea adventure and dungeon crawl suitable for a group of 6th-level characters. The adventure contains a complete adventure, new monsters, and a magical artifact that might take your campaign in an entirely new and exciting direction. 

Tales From the Magician’s Skull #8 – Print + PDF

Cease your wailing, mortal dogs, for once more I have granted your fondest wishes and returned with fantastic tales of sword-and-sorcery! No more must you pace forlornly before your mailbox waiting for salvation only I can deliver, contenting yourself with the reading of street signs and the backs of cereal boxes! Now that you hold my peerless magazine in your hands once more, it is time to be transported to realms of wonder!

Your praise has reached me, and I am somewhat pleased. While the limerick was of questionable merit, three of the odes were quite fine, and the concerto for trombone and guitar brought me true delight. I expect more and greater tribute in the weeks to come!

Tales From The Magician’s Skull is a magazine of all-new swords & sorcery fiction. Issue #8 features cover art by legendary fantasy artist Ken Kelly.

NOW WITH ePUB! Tales From the Magician’s Skull #8 will also be available in ePub format. It will be included with a print purchase of the latest issue, or available as a stand-alone item.

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