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Things have gotten Weird in our online store…

Weird Frontiers is now available in the Goodman Games online store! From the core rulebook through all the adventures and even into character sheets and maps, we’ve got everything you need to make adventuring in the Weird West a thing.

For those who don’t know, Weird Frontiers is a stand-alone RPG that uses the DCC RPG system, and has all of the rules included in the main book. Creator David Baity has modeled a world where eldritch fantasy meets classic old-west shootouts, with just a touch of Lucha libre. It’s an untamed adventure by the most brutal means imaginable!

There is a staggering amount of material for Weird Frontiers that hit the store today, so be sure to check them all out!

Let’s take a closer look!

Weird Frontiers RPG – Standard Edition – Print + PDF

Welcome to the Frontier.

Things have gotten plum weird since the events of The Seven Days of Night brought an end to the war, revealing the presence of an evil thicker than the darkest molasses that’d make the Devil himself blush! You can turn tail, or take the fight to the night, and you ain’t about to be called yeller!

So, saddle your horses and clean those irons, ‘cause there’s something slithering across the dark frontier and it’s dead set on making vittles out of you and your ragtag posse.

Weird Frontiers RPG is a standalone weird west role-playing game influenced by the works of HP Lovecraft and folklore pulled from all over the world. The game offers a new take on the genre with a rule set based upon and compatible with the popular Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG published by Goodman Games.

Within the pages, you’ll find:

  • 12 playable classes
  • A complete rule set compatible with the DCC RPG with several new mechanics to help throw your players into a haunted west filled to the brim with tentacled weirdness
  • 200 spells, contraptions, elixirs, and miracles for those classes gifted with the talent of channeling the arcane/divine.
  • “Death Crawls West” and “Lost Souls Canyon”, two ready-to-run adventures.

It’s over 900 pages of the wild west like you’ve never seen before!

Weird Frontiers RPG – Limited Edition – Print + PDF

This is the Limited Edition cover version of Weird Frontiers. The contents are the same as the Standard Edition.

Weird Frontiers Adventure: Not So Fast, Billy Ray!

A Level 2 Adventure By Brendan LaSalle For The Weird Frontiers RPG

Of course, everybody knows ol’ Billy Ray, but now he’s missing, and arcane researchers are being drawn to the sleepy town of Ogallala, Nebraska, by a powerful magical disruption. Perhaps you’re a friend of the simple man, maybe he owes you money, or just maybe you’re a magical sensitive being lured to the town by dreams of power. No matter the reason, Ogallala calls and you aim to answer.

Not So Fast, Billy Ray is a module designed for 4-7 level 2 adventurers in the world of Weird Frontiers.

Weird Frontiers Adventure: The Malevolent Seven

A Level 3 Adventure By Bob Brinkman For The Weird Frontiers RPG

Seeking resolution to a nightmare that foretells their deaths, the PCs must race against time to gain as many tools as they can to reduce the power of the “Malevolent Seven.” Questioning the locals, confronting ancient mysteries, and even beseeching near-forgotten gods, the trailhands must prepare for one HELL of a showdown.

The Malevolent Seven is a Weird Frontiers adventure designed for a group of 4-6, 3rd-level trailhands. It is intended for an established group of adventurers.

Weird Frontiers Adventure: Nest of Snakes

A Level 3 Adventure By Michael Curtis For The Weird Frontiers RPG

Nest of Snakes is an adventure for the Weird Frontiers role-playing game and is designed to be played with a group of four to six 3rd-level characters.

The adventure concerns a debased family of French aristocracy dwelling in a dilapidated plantation manor in the swamps of Louisiana. The family’s depraved occult practices and their long isolation have transformed them into a clan of rougarou—a creature that shares traits with both werewolves and vampires. The family estate harbors both terrors and treasures for the party brave and dedicated enough to survive this metaphorical serpents’ nest.

Weird Frontiers Adventure: Dig Three Graves

A Level 3 Adventure By Harley Stroh For The Weird Frontiers RPG

An open-world investigation set in the weird west of the Weird Frontiers roleplaying game. Dig Three Graves pits the characters against impossible odds and a secret society ripped from actual history. To triumph, the characters will have to rely on far more than just a fast draw or lucky incantation. For when the hoofbeats thunder and the skies darken, it’s long past time to sort the quick from the dead.

Suitable for characters of 2nd to 3rd level.

Weird Frontiers Adventure: Never Swallow the Worm

A Level 1 Adventure For The Weird Frontiers RPG

The posse begins the adventure riding hard on a dusty trail with the aim of putting down a gang of roughnecks dead set on conjuring up some elder-deviltry. But best-laid plans often go off the rails, and the real deviltry is taking a ride towards the town of Adobes, with a thirst for hooch, and a curse that just might spell the beginning of the end.

Never Swallow the Worm is a 1st level adventure for 4-6 characters.

Weird Frontiers Adventure: The Brimstone Cradle & The Hills That Hunger

Two adventures for Weird Frontiers. A level 0/1 full of cannibal hillbillies and a demonic level 2 Christmas adventure!

The Brimstone Cradle & The Hills That Hunger are two new adventures for Weird Frontiers RPG. These hair-raising tales can be run separately or linked together in a campaign. Each adventure can be played to completion in a 4-hour game session. They come with maps, handouts, and full-color VTT tokens for all enemies. The module also includes a conversion guide so that you can use these adventures in any standard Dungeon Crawl Classics game. 

The Brimstone Cradle is a level 2 adventure wherein a blizzard rages in the early hours of Christmas morning and the PCs end up finding a newborn child who needs protection from menacing demons until dawn.

The Hills That Hunger is a versatile module that can be played as either a 0-level funnel or a 1st-level adventure. The PCs are called upon to rescue the survivors of a wagon caravan that is suspected of having been burned to the ground by a group of cannibalistic hillbillies. 

Weird Frontiers Dice: Dead Ned’s Knucklebones

A special set of dice made by IMPACT Miniatures to commemorate the release of the Weird Frontiers RPG

You won’t find a more beautiful set of dice this side of Texas, hombre! Rumor has it they were won during a poker match with none other than the Finger Thief himself. Throwing these bones catches the eyes of Lady Luck, often bringing good fortune to the fella that holds them. Beware though, as the Finger Thief don’t tale too kindly to losing them bones. Sooner or later he’ll find ya and be callin’ for ya out in the street, irons a-blazin’.

Each tube contains 14 copper and gunmetal dice – d3, d4, d5, d6, d7, d8, d10, d12, d14, d16, d20, d24, d30, d%

Weird Frontiers RPG – Trail Map (Digital Version)

Crafted by master cartographer, Jared Blando, the Weird Frontiers trail map is a beautiful representation of the various transformed states and territories after the dark period known as The Seven Days of Night. 

While some points of note are included within the pages of the core rulebook, the maps were also designed to leave plenty of areas to spark, both the mind of players and judges playing the game.

NOTE: This is not a printed product. You are purchasing a digital version of the map for your own personal use.

Weird Frontiers Character Sheet Pad (Standard Style)

A special pad of character sheets for the Weird Frontiers RPG

With the Weird Frontiers RPG Standard Character Sheet, you’ll be able to quickly fill and keep track of your heroes as they blaze a trail across the weird west!

These character sheets should be used for characters 1st level and up.

Weird Frontiers Character Sheet Pad (Funnel Style)

A special pad of character sheets for the Weird Frontiers RPG

With the Weird Frontiers RPG Standard Character Sheet, you’ll be able to quickly fill and keep track of your heroes as they blaze a trail across the weird west!

These character sheets should be used for characters 0-level characters.

Weird Frontiers RPG – Judge’s Screen – PDF

A screen to help Judges master the world of Weird Frontiers!

Every excellent judge keeps a well-thumbed rules book at hand when they weave tales of outrageous adventure to their game group. Over time, book markers are added to the rules book for those often-sought tables and references that get turned to for nearly every session. This compilation of charts, tables, and rules is just that. These are the bits of information that get referenced at every game at my table, and I’m sharing them with you. 

NOTE: This is not a printed product. You are purchasing a digital version of the Judge’s Screen for your own personal use.

Weird Frontiers RPG – Form-fillable Character Sheet

With the Weird Frontiers RPG form-fillable character sheet you’ll be able to quickly fill and keep track of your heroes as they blaze a trail across the weird west!

This character sheet should be used for characters 1st level and up. A zero-level (funnel) sheet is also included.

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