James Enge Salutes The Day of Might!

The Day of Might occurred on October 23rd, but praise for the day continues to roll in!

To celebrate the most hallowed of sword-and-sorcery holidays, author James Enge bid himself to listen to heroic audio while reading heroic fiction in a heroic setting! That many books stacked in such a way most definitely denotes a heroic location in the mind of The Skull!

We hope that all of The Skull’s loyal minions enjoyed the best of days this past Sunday! It was mighty, indeed! And for those who deemed to ignore The Skull’s favorite holiday…your defeat was legendary! We shall sing the songs of the victorious for decades to come!

You can, of course, correct this error in one of several ways: by planning NOW to celebrate The Day of Might in 2023! Or by reading excellent sword-and-sorcery fiction, such as Tales From the Magician’s Skull—including many stories by Mr. Enge himself! Or by being very contrite and apologetic. You have options!

Now, let’s look at James’ video!

Author: pandabrett

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