D.M. Ritzlin Prepares for The Day Of Might

The Skull’s friends and acquaintances are preparing for The Day of Might—happening on Sunday, October 23rd!

Author and publisher D.M. Ritzlin shares his perspective on The Day of Might and its supposed proximity to another holiday. Something called “Halloween” or some such. He has even crafted his own collection of stories to celebrate his little-known “Halloween” holiday, Samhain Sorceries. You can see for yourself in the video below—though we must say that we enjoy the skull-like gourd he keeps as decoration.

Since we know his commitment due to his upcoming tale in the pages of Tales from the Magician’s Skull, we assume that Mr. Ritzlin’s creative mind has developed this new holiday to piggyback on the most hallowed of days, The Day of Might!

The Skull invites you to prepare YOUR video and share your sword & sorcery recommendations with your friends—and even honored enemies—on social media! Send us the links! We want to see them and know what you have done to honor The Skull and The Day of Might! Perhaps we will share them with all of The Skull’s loyal minions.

Now, let’s look at D.M.’s video!

Author: pandabrett

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