Visit Us At Gamehole Con

Look out Madison, Goodman Games is in town!

Gamehole Con is one of our favorite shows. Like most gaming cons, it gathers together like-minded folks who are looking for a place to roll some dice and share their passion for all things gaming, but Gamehole has an air about it that is uniquely its own.

Goodman’s Brendan LaSalle and Jen Brinkman will be on hand to run games and woman the stall, respectively. You’ll find all of the latest releases at the booth, not to mention our catalog of classics. In fact, you can check out the booth and get a sneak peek of the show tomorrow night at the Convention Scrying broadcast LIVE on Twitch from Gamehole Con! Jen will take you on a tour and give you all the info you need before invading the booth!

On the table side of things, this is Brendan’s first time back in Madison since the lockdown and he is revved up and ready to go. Our ironman Judge is running an amazing eight events at this year’s show, so be sure to sign up for one of his games!

We’ll see you this weekend in Madison, WI at Gamehole Con!

Author: pandabrett

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