Robert Rhodes Prepares for The Day Of Might (and represents The Skull in court!)

The Skull’s friends and acquaintances are preparing for The Day of Might—happening on Sunday, October 23rd!

Today we offer up a defense of The Skull. Our counsel has warned us to not speak of events, lest they be turned against us. BUT WE MUST! If they didn’t want it invaded, they shouldn’t have used the word “Castle” in the name, despite the color! THE SKULL IS INNOCENT!

Thankfully, Robert Rhodes is willing and able to defend the honor of our magnificent malfeasant and these heinous accusations. He has earned a place of honor among The Skull’s minions, not only for his legal aid, but also for his exemplary prose!

The Skull invites you to prepare YOUR video and share your sword & sorcery recommendations with your friends—and even honored enemies—on social media! Send us the links! We want to see them and know what you have done to honor The Skull and The Day of Might! Perhaps we will share them with all of The Skull’s loyal minions.

Now, let’s look at Robert’s video!

Author: pandabrett

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