Spend $20 To Get $20 And Support The Cub Scouts

Were you aware that our Dark Master has Dark Younglings? It’s true! And young Haven Goodman has a special request for you. One that comes with a special bonus!

Anyone who buys $20 or more of Cub Scout popcorn from Haven Goodman’s storefront will receive a $20 gift card usable in the Goodman Games online store for any products we carry.

The Cub Scout popcorn is delicious – and 73% of proceeds go directly to support Cub Scouts! So you get great popcorn, help out the Cub Scouts, AND get a gift card for the Goodman Games online store. Sounds like a terrific deal to us!

Here’s how to claim the gift card: buy the popcorn at Haven’s storefront, then forward your email confirmation to info@goodman-games.com to receive the gift card. Make sure to tell us the email address you use for the Goodman Games online store so we can assign the gift card correctly!

So head on over and grab your popcorn right now, and then send us the receipt for your Goodman Games Gift Card!

Author: pandabrett

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