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500 Monsters – One Massive Manual – It’s Dungeon Denizens!

Fans know that our tremendous Dungeon Denizens project has been in the works for a while now — after all, over half a thousand monster entries with full color art to match takes a bit of time! Recently Chris Doyle brought us up to speed on the project on What’s Coming Down the 5E Pike, and was pleased to report that both the DCC and 5E versions of Dungeon Denizens are nearing the layout stage — which means a kickstarter can’t be much further behind!

Chris was cagey about just when that might be, but in the meantime we thought we’d whet your appetite with some sample artwork from the book.

Emerald Wanderer: A shapeshifting undead that can steal the traits of others. Stats include a table of random traits already stolen once encountered, and players can never be quite sure what they’ll get when they run into an Emerald Wanderer.

Fungal Colossus: Design based on the Erol Otus cover art for Dungeon Denizens. A gargantuan plant creature with unique gargantuan 5E traits, a devastating stomp attack, poisoned spore slam attacks, and spore cloud ability.

Moss Giant: An often slumbering giant the size of a small hill — you could walk over this guy, and not even know it. A protector of the bogs and marshes that occasionally work with druids.

Styrx Alpha: An avian humanoid that favors thievery. Has several unique traits such as a screech attack, dive bombing attacks and retreat, and pack tactics.

Giant Dungeonweb Spider: What’s a dungeon without spiders? One of several giant spider varieties in the book. Has a unique poison, and can blast its webs at targets.

Giant Static Bat: You thought the regular static bats were bad. Each beat of its wings builds up static electricity that surrounds the bat in a deadly aura, and makes their bite truly shocking.

Dungeon Denizens will be released in both DCC and 5E versions (below is the copy for the 5e version)

A Massive Tome of Monsters Benevolent and Malign

Herein, the modern game master shall find a diverse collection of monsters suitable for any 5th edition campaign. This book contains more than 500 monsters for 5E! 300 monsters are culled from almost 20 years of Goodman Games products, updated to the modern version of the world’s most popular role-playing game. Another 200+ monsters are brand new, never-before-published creatures, ready to be unleashed on your unsuspecting players. This collection contains not just inhabitants of dank, twisting underground passages, but includes foul beasts that hide in the dark boughs of the forest, hardy creatures that wander the windswept dunes of the sandy wastes, piscine behemoths that plunge into the watery depths of the ocean, and strange outsiders that traipse through planar worlds, just to name a few. But that’s not all. 

Dungeon Denizens includes:

  • An assortment of aberrations including the abollar, the nagalisk and the pool lurker
  • A crowd of constructs including new golems and animated objects, plus the flawless effigy and the bronze reaper
  • A horde of humanoids, including the degenerate sih’hel, the savage serpentine tzopiloani, and the carapace-clad klaklin. Many entries include variant leaders and spellcasters ready to challenge your players with cunning tactics or thoughtful interaction
  • A multitude of monstrosities such as the conflagration worm, and the trollhound
  • A frenzy of fiends, such as the fetch demon and the inferno cat, as well as demon lords including Malotoch and Bobugbubilz, plus their faithful servants
  • A barrage of beasts, many suitable as familiars, animal companions, or druidic wildshape options
  • A plethora of plant and plant-like creatures, such as bloodthorn vine and the grove king hellthorn

These foes encompass a wide range of challenge ratings, from 0 to 20+, ready to drop into your home campaign. Each full-page entry includes brand-new full-color art, fully developed 5th edition statistics, plus notes on ecology, evocative lore, and tactics. Scattered about these pages you’ll also find suggested encounter groups, treasure notes, new spells, and magic items to compliment the creatures, plus inspiring tips, bits, and quips from the celebrated characters of the Goodman Games milieu of products. Appendices include summaries of the foul critters contained in this mammoth book, organized by type, terrain, and challenge rating. 

A game master armed with this book, along with a vivid imagination and a bit of time, will be ready to craft thoughtful, challenging encounters for even the most skilled and demanding players. The next time they pry open a stuck dungeon door, surprise them with one of these Dungeon Denizens!

Look for more on Dungeon Denizens coming soon!

Author: billward

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