DCC Horror #8 and Two Third-Party Releases Now Available In Our Online Store

Don’t be scared, but the latest adventure for DCC Horror has arrived! Night of the Bog Beast is now available in our online store, with Bloody Bob Brinkman dealing out some EC Comics-inspired terror for your DCC RPG campaign!

Plus two new third-party releases have arrived at our online store! You can have some Moon Mutants and Get Me The Juice at the same time!

Let’s take a closer look!

Dungeon Crawl Classics Horror #8: Night Of The Bog Beast

A level 2 DCC Horror adventure.

The alligator-infested waterways of the Twilight Marsh harbor a mystery. Last year a child went missing for a week, before being found deep within the marshlands. So far from home, that it was unimaginable as to how she could have gotten there. Despite being questioned, Little Idris said nothing. She only smiled.

You see, Little Idris has a secret…

But those events of last year refuse to remain buried, and something ancient has been released in the swamp. Strange cries have been heard in the darkness, indistinct shapes have been seen among the mangroves, and local children tell whispered stories of a lurker, coming for them out of the darkness. A horror that threatens the lives of all it encounters. 

Whatever it is, it is not human.

Whatever it is, it kills without mercy.

Whatever it is, it must be stopped. 

Can you survive… the Night of the Bog Beast?

Moon Mutants – Issue #6

Moon Mutants is a zine for DCC RPG continuing the tradition of Crawling Under a Broken Moon.

Issue #6 will take visitors to the Underlair, a twisted hive of cult activity and gods gone feckless. New subterranean mutant underdwellers are introduced, with a new class and crit table: The Deep Mutant. Bio-vehicles, random loot tables, new monsters, more random encounter tables, and a 4th-level underworld adventure: “Underlair” are also included. Get a drill and start digging, this issue has everything (even moon pies!)!

Issue #6 has:

  • a new class: the Deep Mutant
  • new bio-vehicles
  • new mutant & xeno monsters
  • a new 4th-level underworld urban dungeon adventure
  • random loot tables & loot mutators
  • random encounter tables (for levels 5+)
  • 30 cosmetic mutations, cult secrets, religious esoterica, synodic signs & more!

Get Me The Juice – Print + PDF

1st Level Adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics

Power is everything in this jungle world, and your tribe is in desperate need of more. The power source for your tribe’s “Box of Cold” is dying. Failure of this artifact of the ancients could cause the needless deaths of many of your friends and family members. It is up to you and your team of seekers to find a replacement power source; something vaguely known as a G-Pod (Gamma Pod).

This is the 1st level module from a new “Recharge Run” series of MCC-compatible modules. These modules are based around a fictional, pre-disaster company Power Cell Storage, Inc., with locations scattered throughout Terra AD, and near-planetary orbit.

This module contains 36 pages of content, introducing low-level characters to artifacts with personal assistant AI personalities, potential hard radiation exposure (radburn), 26 unique encounters/traps/puzzles & AI role-playing opportunities. It also includes 8 repopulation encounters, allowing a party to return to the location and further explore the 11 separate location/adventure hooks that help tie this module into any judge’s home campaign. 

Author: pandabrett

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